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Banners are about the simplest and most economic solution to outdoor advertising where longevity is not an issue. Generally, banners are designed to last about 6 month outside. Of cours this can easily be extended but for esthetic reasons it is better to have a more permanent sign if you think your needs will be for a longer period of time.

Banners can be suspended on posts, on buildings, are great for trade shows, very cost effective for athletic park sponsors and a great way to make a short term announcement.

At Freeman Sign we can print a banner from artwork we produce or directly from your files. We can print using our wide format printer or can cut vinyl letters and apply them directly to your banner.

An example of an MDO sign

Business sign made of MDO plywood and vinyl letters

An example of a carved sign

Flat Signs

There are several types of flat signs.

MDO - Medium Density Overlay is a plycore material that is very suitable for outside signs. It is relatively inexpensive and an economical solution for a painted sign without the expense of closed cell polyurethan.

PVC - Polyvinylchloride is a plastic that is found throughout the building industry. It is tough, durable, weather resistant and will provide a long term solution for inside signs and an economic alternative for outside sign.

ALUMINUM - Aluminum signs come in an array of thicknesses and colors. Aluminum signs are impact resistant and have a great outdoor longevity.

Sandra Freeman with a carved sign

Carved Signs

Our carved signs are created from closed cell polyurethane. Unlike wood there is no splitting, cracking or paint peeling.

Each sign is first designed with your thoughts and suggestions. Once we create a rough sketch (for simple business signs and most home signs this step is not necessary), we will provide a quote for you and with your approval be on the way to making your sign.

We begin by carving and cutting the shape. Next we prime the sign 2 times on each side with oil base primer. After-which we coat your sign with at-least 3 coats of oil base enamel and let this dry for a few weeks, depending on humidity.

Once the paint is sufficiently cured we gild the letters, embellishments, logo, etc 23k gold leaf. This skilled process is done by hand as is the final accent stripe around the gold leaf.

Next we epoxy any necessary hardware to make the installation process as simple as possible. You can specify whether you would like your new sign wall mounted or hung on an arm bracket and we take care of the rest.

Custom built sandwich board with wheels and handle

About Our Signs

All of our signs are created with attention to design and longevity.

We take lots of care in the creation of your sign to ensure that not only will it look great but last for many years outside. Your budget will determine what materials your sign will be hand crafted from and we will make every effort to ensure it will provide you with many years of maintenance free satisfaction.

Carved oval address plaque for you home

Another MDO painted sign in the form of a "sandwich board"

Carved street address sign