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Maine DOT Signs

We are registered by the State of Maine to produce "Official Bussiness Directional Signs."

These signs can be created in many background colors, including reflective blue. Available sizes are 12"x48", 16"x72" and 20"x84".

We design these signs but you must obtain a permit from the Maine Department of Transportaion. Maine DOT

This is a excellent way to promote your business, economically!

Official Business Directory Signs - State of Maine

The State of Maine offers an excellent program for bussiness owners. With few exceptions throughout the state you will see directional signs along the highways.

These signs typically have blue backgrounds but can be any color, unless they are reflective (glow in the dark).

Official Business Directory Signs can provide unexpected results, directing customers who may otherwise take an alternate route directly to your business.

Our signs are crafted with 5-7 year materials to ensure your investment will compound over years of rough weather.

State of Maine Official Directory Signs

The Maine OBDS (Official Business Directory Signs) program allows Business owners to have several signs at different locations.

This can be a great benefit even if you business is on a busy highway. These signs can alert motorists that your business is in close proximity and hopefully a worthy stop.

Reflective signs are allowed as well as non-reflective. A reflective sign is made entirely of what is called engineering grade reflective. These signs appear to glow in the dark. Reflective signs must be blue and white.

The non-reflective signs can be any color. All Maine OBDS signs can include a logo as well as distance and the business name or description.

The Maine Official Business Directory signs can be made in 3 sizes, 48"x12"", 72"x16 and 84"x20". The size will be determined by the Maine DOT. If you would like a specific size please request it on the application.